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Sunday, August 18, 2013

First World Master Rowing

The first World Master Rowing competition for Sulkava long boats was held in Finland in July 2010. The World Master Rowing competition consists of two starts: a short race of 2,000 metres and a 60 kilometre race around Partala Island, the largest island in Lake Saimaa.

Open to national and club teams from all over the world and using the distinctive Finnish “churchboats,” the competition was be held on Lake Saimaa, the largest of Finland’s 200,000 lakes and the fourth largest lake in Europe. The competition featured two events: a short race of 2,000 meters in front of the Sulkava Rowing Stadium and a long race of 60 kilometers around Partala Island, the largest island in Lake Saimaa. The competition was held jointly with Finland´s largest rowing event, the Sulkava Rowing Race, which has 8,000 participants annually.The World Masters Rowing Competition was run with traditional Finnish 12-meter wooden churchboats which have sliding benches and 14 oars. “Churchboats” are long rowing boats, sometimes called Sulkava boats or Viking boats, which the Finnish people once used to travel to holy mass on Sundays and were based on models from Viking days.

The Masters in Rowing is open to national and club teams from all around the world. Each crew consists of 14 rowers and a coxswain, with single-sex or mixed-sex crews. The first three crews are awarded medals, diplomas, and cash prizes. The church has maintained the boats since the Reformation in the seventh century.

Thank you Sisko for this nice card. The event must have been great fun.

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