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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Animals celebrating Christmas

My friend Ella sent me these cards issued by Åland post. These 2012 postal stationery cards appeared in time for Christmas. They were designed by artist Alexander Lindén. The funny and different motifs of the cards are well suited for both Christmas cards and winter greetings. The cards depict :-
ROE IN A KNITTED SWEATER. Alexander has designed four animals celebrating Christmas in various ways. The first card shows a roe in a knitted sweater, sitting in a chair reading while enjoying a cup of hot chocolate or, perhaps, mulled wine. A small fox relaxes by the chair, and the scenery is highlighted by the shining moon.
PIKE DRESSED IN CARDIGAN. The motif of another card takes us below the ice where we find a merry pike, dressed in a warm, green cardigan. Further down swims a chubbier type of fish, also dressed in a warm sweater. Someone also let down a Christmas star on a fishing line through a jig hole in the ice.
THREE SQUIRRELS DANCING IN A RING.  The third card shows us three merry squirrels dancing in a ring around a tree decorated with Christmas baubles, tinsel and a star at the top. Dressed in warming cardigans, the squirrels all seem to be happy and enjoying themselves.HARE IN A HOT TUB. Leaving its tracks in the snow, a hare has jumped into the hot tub shown on the fourth and last card. With a box of carrots within reach, it is very content to relax in the hot water. The sea, the archipelago and a Christmas tree on a rock sets the background.
ALL ANIMALS ARE HAPPY. The common feature of the four card designs is that the animals all seem to be merry and enjoying themselves. The cards are therefore perfect to send as a
greeting to your friends and acquaintances regardless of season!  

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