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Friday, October 19, 2012

Shenzhen OCT East – It’s Theme Parks, Resorts, Villages and more

Once again China leaves everyone in awe of the scale of some of  it’s undertakings, people here think big, but I guess they have to! The Shenzen OCT East is a combination of two large theme parks, resort hotels, three small scenic towns, golf courses and more covering an area of 9 square kilometers. It is huge. I guess you could call it destination tourism, a man made one stop holiday utopia.
Their intention is clear, they’ve built a one stop destination for a surreal holiday experience. Packed into one big location is the adventure, excitement, wonder, thrills and eye-opening sights matched together with comfort and relaxation. OCT East is located a little out of the way, about 40 minutes or so from central Shenzhen by bus or taxi. It’s another tourist attraction where its best to arrive early and beat the long entry lines due to volumes of tour buses.
The picture on the card Kathylee sent me is of Huaxing Mahayana Hotel of Shenzhen OCT East, sanctuary of Zen. The Mahayana OCT Boutique Hotel Shenzhen. Located in the breathtaking Wind Valley of OCT East, The Mahayana OCT Boutique Hotel, sanctuary of Zen, within Hua Xing Temple, offers a brand new level of tranquility, elegance, peace and nature for the soul searching being.
A brief about the Hua Xing Temple here won’t be out of place. It is located in the breathtaking Wind Valley of OCT East, and offers the perfect bolthole from the hustle and bustle of city life. It covers 12000and contains Guanyin Statues, Hua Xing Temple, The Mahayana OCT Boutique Hotel, Buddhist Holy Place, Buddhist Music Performance, Grand Hall, Market, vegetarian restaurant, and the Guiyi Pavilion.

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