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Saturday, May 05, 2012

Troodos National Forest Park

The Troodos National Forest Park is at the centre of the island of  Cyprus and covers an area of about 9,000 hectares. The highest point is Chionistra or Mount Olympus at 1,952 metres (also the highest point on the island) and the lowest is Moni forest at 700 metres. The park is suitable for myriad activities ranging from picnics to hiking, skiing and mountain biking. There are 10 nature trails which cover over 50 Km. The park contains 12th to 15th century frescoed churches, winemaking villages and pine forests. There are also monasteries dating from the Byzantine period. The best known and most beautifully restored of these is Kykkos, built in the 12th century (Refer to my post dated     ). The main resorts of the Troodos are Platres and Kakopetria, attractive villages with bakeries, shops and an alpine atmosphere. Over 750 plant species can be found in the area, making Troodos National Forest Park the richest botanical garden of Cyprus. 12 of these species can only be found in Troodos National Forest Park.
As for fauna, within the park live among other species: ravens, Bonelli's eagles, Treecreepers and Griffon vultures. The distinctive geology of Troodos Forest area has been studied by scientists from around the world. The rock types and formations found in the Troodos area allow scientists a better understanding of how the sea bed of the Sea of Tethys was formed 90-million years ago. Along many trails in the forest, examples of plutonic rock, formed far under the bed of the Sea of Tethys, can be seen. This nice maximum card was given to me by my dear friend Merja.

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